Six Tips for Getting Content Ideas for Your Blog

As a  blogger you sometimes struggle with being at a loss of words or ideas for blog posts. It’s not unusual, especially if you’ve been blogging for years and you write for many sources.

Some weeks I have so many blog posts ideas, not enough days to write them. In those few instances, I draft up some thoughts and save them for rainy days.

But to keep your blog content fresh and keep your readers engaged, you want to make sure your content is not stale and that you have some sort of strategy to blog posts.
Six Tips for Getting Content Ideas for Your Blog via @NicheParent


Six Tips for Generating Content Ideas for Your Blog

  1. Keep a content calendar. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, to technical, or even thought out weeks in advance. Simply jotting down topics at a glance helps keep you accountable and makes the writing process the only thing left to worry about.
  2. Ideas may strike you at any time of day or night. Most of the time those middle of the night ideas are the genius  ones. The next day you go to write it and your mind goes blank. Poof– it’s gone! Don’t let another great idea or blog post pass you buy. Using the note pad app on your phone, “jot” the idea down.  Or, if you have a voice recorder, record the message. Don’t forget to add them to your calendar when you’re planning out the week.
  3. Take pictures of interesting things or people along the way. You never know what that image will inspire on a day when you need content ideas. I am often inspired by photos on my phone or my camera.
  4. Watch the morning news to see what’s trending or what’s peaking interest among audience segments.Share your thoughts and add to the conversation on your blog. Makes for great traffic and discussion as well!
  5. Write blog posts based on conversations you’ve had with friends or colleagues. But of course, goes without saying, respect privacy and don’t violate any of your employer’s social media policies.
  6. Take a break from blogging, social media, and being connected. Sometimes, taking a breather, whether it’s for a day, 15 minutes, or an hour, helps to re-energize those creative juices.

Tell us! Where do you get inspiration for your blog posts? 

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  1. Wow thank you for the tips! I am ever learning! 🙂

  2. How about other blog posts! No I don’t mean plagiarizing, but providing a different spin or different perspective on a post written by a fellow blogger. And of course, you provide a link to their content since their post helped you originate yours. Prime example, when a notable blogged that guest blogging was dead. Look at how many opposing posts or posts with a different perspective quickly came to be.