Six Tips for Getting Content Ideas for Your Blog

As a  blogger you sometimes struggle with being at a loss of words or ideas for blog posts. It's not unusual, especially if you've been blogging for years and you write for many sources. Some weeks I have so many blog posts ideas, not enough days to write them. In those few instances, I draft up some thoughts and save them for rainy days. But to keep your blog content fresh and keep your readers engaged, you want to make sure your content is not stale and that you have some sort of strategy to blog posts.   Six Tips for Generating Content Ideas for Your Blog Keep a content calendar. It doesn't have to be too complicated, to technical, or even thought out weeks in advance. Simply jotting down topics at a glance helps keep you accountable and makes the writing process … [Read more...]


Taxes for Bloggers & Freelancers: What You Need to Know

Do bloggers have to pay taxes on the value of blogging trips? Is the SWAG you received at that blogging event or conference taxable? Taxes can be so confusing! This tax season will be more complicated than prior seasons due to recent tax legislation. The Niche Parent Network & Conference has invited a special tax expert to answer some of your most pressing blogging and taxes related questions right in time for tax season!  Join us February 5th, 8:30 PM EST,  along with special guest, Buffie The Tax Heiress, LLC for a specially designed webinar for bloggers, freelancers, and digital influencers. We'll also be chatting it up live on Twitter using the hashtag #NicheParentTaxTips. Buffie the Tax Heiress is the CFO of Buffie the Tax Heiress, LLC, a full service accounting and tax … [Read more...]