Connect with your Niche!

Connect with your niche at the first social media conference committed to celebrating a diverse and multicultural community of moms active in social media!
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The Niche Mommy Conference is for the social media maven that embraces diversity and multiculturalism in our unique backgrounds,  voices, and perspectives.

At the Niche Mommy Conference, you will learn everything from marketing your niche, to developing your brand, to becoming a leader in this continuously growing space.

Who should attend the Niche Mommy Conference?   Any mom blogger, whatever your niche. Whether you are a foodie, a lifestyle blogger, a fitness blogger, a tech blogger, or a newbie blogger, this conference was designed with you in mind.

What is the Niche Mommy Conference?   So glad you asked.  The first of its kind, this conference is for the diverse and multicultural social media mom and anyone that embraces diversity.  It will be chic, it will be educational, and most of all, it will be amazing.

When is the Niche Mommy Conference?  The Niche Mommy Conference will be held August 23-26, 2012.  We will start the weekend off with an opening reception the evening of August 23, and end the weekend with a closing brunch on August 26. Check our agenda page for details on what to expect during the Niche Mommy Conference.

Where is the Niche Mommy Conference? New Orleans, Louisiana! How about some Café au lait with your beignets?

Why attend the Niche Mommy Conference? Do brands and marketers really take social media moms seriously?  We know that to be true. Brands that embrace the cultural and ethnic identify of women of all colors and backgrounds with the same tenacity and commitment as they do to other consumer groups will be at the Niche Mommy Conference.  Reserve your conference pass today so that you can connect with them, and other moms like you, in New Orleans, LA.