Twitter Parties & Win A Full Access Pass, Travel & Hotel to Niche Mommy Conference!

Multicultural Hair Products

We are super excited to announce that EDEN Body Works is one of Niche Mommy Conference’s official sponsors!! As part of their sponsorship, they will be offering two scholarships to two lucky winners! One scholarship will be announced during the party and the other will be announced here.

About Eden Body Works

EDEN BodyWorks™ was founded to address the consumer demand for all natural products that really work! Unlike most products that are purely cosmetic in nature, EDEN’s products actually deliver on their promise; guaranteed. The products contain No Alcohol, No Petroleum, No Mineral Oils and No Sodium Sulfates. Your hair and skin shouldn’t just look healthy; it should be healthy!


About the Twitter Party

We will be kicking off our first in a series of Twitter parties leading up to the conference.   Our parties will be co-hosted by some of the brands we are working with and our fabulous speakers.    Our speakers will share a little of what you can expect to hear at the conference and we’ll have some great conversations and connect with Niche Mommy community members, conference attendees, and our speakers.

Our first Twitter party will take place July 17th and will feature our keynote speaker @DrMommy, author of the soon to be released book, Letting go of Super Mom.  During the party, guests will be given an opportunity to win a full access pass, hair products from EDEN Body Works, signed book by Dr. Mommy, and more!

To be eligible to win an all expenses paid trip, the full access pass, hair products, and more, you must RSVP and attend the party.

EDEN Body Works


Grand Prize: Transportation to New Orleans (air/car), hotel (three nights), and full conference pass. (WOW!!)  This prize does not include any incidentals such as meals or airport transfers associated with your trip.

Mandatory Entries: 

  1. Describe your #EDENMoment:  Leave a comment on this post providing how you find those special moments for yourself.
  2. RSVP and participate in our Twitter Party. Leave a comment indicating you did.
  3. Note, if you have already purchased your pass, you are still eligible to win! We will refund you your conference pass.

Additional Entries:  To increase your chances at winning, try one of these options below (only after you completed the step above):

**Please leave a separate comment for each.

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This giveaway ends July  20, at 11:59 p.m. EST .

  • Entries/Comments that do not follow the submission guidelines will be automatically deleted and invalid.
  • Winner will be chosen using to generate a random number.
  • Winners must leave a valid email address on their entry.
  • Winners will be notified via email and have 48 hours to respond with a valid mailing address and contact info.  If the prize is not claimed, winner will be disqualified and another winner will be chosen at random.
  • Winner must have a valid US address.
  • Void where prohibited.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Travel and hotel arrangements will be made with winner.  Hair products will be shipped via UPS Ground by product representative. We are not responsible for any delays in delivery, damaged or lost items.


  1. As a mom of 7, finding those moments of solitude can be difficult, but I do. I find my me time in some of the oddest places. In my bathroom, I’ll create my own personal oasis. I light a few candles and think to myself. Sometimes I’ll let my iPhone play music or even read a book. You have to create that time where you can.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. I’m blessed that I have parents who seem to know when I need some “Laila time” and volunteer to take my son for a few hours. That has been invaluable. I also get up before my son does to get some time in. It’s a necessity for me and I think it helps me be a better mom.

  3. I follow NicheMommy on twitter

  4. My #EdenMoments consist of:
    -manis/pedis alone or with my Mom
    -shopping alone or with my Mom
    -beside being a mom, I’m also a full-time college student so I love going to campus to grab a coffee and head to the library for some leisure reading
    -going to the hair salon

    I rarely get time to have special moments for myself, but when I do, I make them worth-while. 🙂

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  16. Being a single working mom it’s hard to find the time to be with me. Putting myself first is very tough, but crucial. Self-care for moms is critical.

  17. My #EdenMoment are those rare moments when I just put down the baby for a nap and my 6 year old is busy building Legos and I just jump into my bed (yes like a kid, picture that!) and have a good, solid 5-50 minutes where I don’t have a care in the World – not worrying about the dishes in the sink, not worrying if I have to meet a blog deadline, not worrying about paying bills or what I have to add to my grocery list. It is bliss. Every Mom should indulge every chance she gets or at the very least, once a week. I feel like I can move mountains when I get up.

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  24. Up until my son was about 6 years old, I didn’t have time to do anything. Between work, school and his activities, my only #EDENmoments were when I crawled into bed at night exhausted. As my son got older and more independent, I noticed I had more time to myself. It didn’t take me long to find ways to fill that time up with new hobbies. I took up softball, knitting, running, and most recently being a sales representative for Silpada Designs jewelry, a brand of Avon. Softball was a bit of a disaster, so I’ve let that go. But, whenever I pursue any of my remaining interests I definitely have an #EDENmoment. Whether it’s going for a run with Black Girls Run, having a Sit-n-Knit, or hosting a jewelry party, I feel like I’m slowly developing my identity beyond just being a mom. Those #EDENmoments are the best and having them make me cherish the times I’m just mom that much more!

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  27. My #EDENMoment is when I take a break during my busy day at work to eat white chocolate. Yummy!

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  35. My #EDENMoments are usually at night, after lil man is asleep. I’ve been known to wash & style my hair and do my home-mani-pedis at 2am. Not traditional, but it works for me.

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  50. My #EDENMoment is late at night. Everyone is asleep and mommy gets her quiet time. My moment of still. Love it!!

    Thanks for a chance to win a trip to this awesome conference! Would love for it to be my first!!

  51. I have RSVP’d! See you all there!

  52. I’ve RSVPd for the twitter party and can’t wait!

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  63. My #EDENMoment would probably be when I’m in the shower! I work FT, run a small business and am the mom of four children. I am going to have a hard time writing my blog post about finding balance because I’m still working on that and live in hectic chaos most days! Lol! Bath time soothes me and I feel refreshed once I’ve taken a nice hot shower and tuned everything out for 15-30 minutes! Yeah… I stay in there that long!

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  66. Blogging! It gives me an excuse to be crafty, make great food, go shopping for supplies and take photos. Also gives me an excuse to take that photography class and meet other moms like me who enjoy the same hobbies!

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  70. I RSVP for the twitter party! 🙂

  71. Those moments come unplanned most times. Usually in the evenings and my favorite ones include being cuddled up with a book and a glass of wine. Really, I could be in the middle of nowhere and as long as I have a book in hand, that’s my #EDENMoment

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  77. My #EDENMoment comes whenever I am sitting alone – my infant is asleep, the little one is at school and hubby is at work. Instead of rushing to the next thing that needs to be done, I take a deep breath and just look around and remind myself of all that I have, all the wonderful people in my life instead of all the things that I am usually rushing to get. I wish I could get out more regularly for a manicure or pedicure, but I’m still working on creating those ongoing moments.

  78. I RSVP’ed to the Twitter Party and will be there 🙂

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  85. My #EDENMoment is few and far between with two boys under age 5 however I understand the importance of keeping myself healthy and happy so that I’m the absolute best for my boys. Those special moments I get to myself are typically a massage or facial at the spa which occurs maybe twice a year. I also enjoy solitude in reading a great book or magazine while poolside.

  86. rsvp’d for the party…I’m excited!

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  89. I light the incense, turn on a flameless candle and meditate to find my special place and moments.

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  100. My #EDENMoment is after my little ones have gone to bed and my husband and I cuddle on the couch to watch some classic Sherlock Holmes movies. I know many that want time to themselves but my husband and I are best friends and there is no one that I would rather spend my ‘alone’ time with.

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  107. My special moments come to me with my Kindle in hand. This was an early birthday gift from my husband and since I’ve received it I am constantly stealing moments to engross myself in a good book. This allows me to venture to new worlds and hear different perspectives without leaving my home!

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  113. My eden moments happen on days off when hubby is at work. I lounge around, take a hot bath, indulge in food without feeling guilty.

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  115. My #EDENMoment is when I take a moment to pamper myself by taking a long relaxing bath and also having a moment to paint my nails.

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  123. I’m a busy single mama, like many. I work, take care of my son and a mama with Alzheimer’s. My alone time comes when I am doing my hair. I have a big ole fro, and honey, this head ain’t easy. I don’t have curls, I have a wonderful head of kinky hair. So when I wash it, it’s time for me to take a bath, deep condition, process life, plan, and take a few hours to restore my soul and my look.

  124. My #edenmoments are usually my bath time or when I drive home from work. Those are the times when I’m alone and have the most clarity.

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  130. I find my EDENMoments by making sure I carve out time for me. Twitter parties, tv time or even a trip out shopping alone. Just a little zen time doing anything for me is a good time.

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    I RSVP so excited!

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  137. Denille Moore says:

    My #EDENMoment would probably be when I make sure to just take a couple of minutes and enjoy listening to the birds outside.

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  139. Jeremy M says:

    My Edenmoments happen at the end of the day when I get an hour or so just to myself.

  140. My #EdenMoment is when I get to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day

  141. Happening now, guys! Already RSVP’ed.

  142. Tandy B says:


  143. I find my eden moments when I run. It gives me the opportunity to clear my mind and focus totally on me.

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  154. I find special moments for myself everyday. I’m a sahm so my time to myself varies. During the day, it could showering by myself or working on a blog post during V’s nap time. In the evening or weekends, it could be a night out with my friends, a walk around the block, or visiting my favorite thrift store.

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